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Our Commitment to Sustainability

About Our ReCover Program

Your carpet needs replacing—why not dispose of worn-out, old carpet the environmentally friendly way? Depending on the project location, Mohawk will recycle old carpet through our North American network of carpet recyclers. We will take any carpet—not just Mohawk carpet. We take care of all the logistics, so you don't have to.

Mohawk is the largest recycler in the flooring industry. We use recycled content in more than 500 of our products and offer customers accessible ways to recycle carpet through our ReCover carpet recycling program. We operate two recycling facilities: one that recycles 3 billion plastic bottles per year (20 percent of all bottles in the domestic post-consumer market), which are converted into Everstrand carpet, and another that recycles carpet fiber into nylon and polypropylene pellets for the automotive parts and furniture industries.

See how our Recover program can help with your carpet recovery and recycling initiative.


Recycling Your Carpet Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1: Contact Us
1-877-3RE-CYCL (1-877-373-2925)
Provide some basic information about square yardage, location, timing etc.

Step 2: Get A Quote
Your all-inclusive quote will arrive in 24-48 hours
Mohawk will handle all logistics

Step 3: Recycle Your Carpet
Our network of carpet recyclers will handle everything