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M-Force Technology

Complete Performance System for LVT

M-Force is a combination of the finish layer, wear layer and design layer. We develop each layer individually for optimal performance, and then we bond the layers in a proprietary process that makes their performance exponentially greater together.

As a result, your floor looks better longer, with superior protection against scratches, dents, wear & stains, all while providing a crisp, clear visual and easy maintenance.


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Integrated Performance System

Whether you have staff moving medical equipment, students dragging chairs, employees spilling coffee – you get the idea. The M-Force integrated performance system outperforms competing floors to ensure that your flooring looks better longer.

M-Force Featured Collections

Living Local

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Large and Local

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Second Home

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Hot and Heavy

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Healthier Spaces Start from the Ground Up

At Mohawk Group, we commit ourselves to health and wellness by not only creating finishes that help contribute to healthy spaces, but by also making important information readily accessible to help us better care for our spaces and in doing so, ourselves. Learn how flooring with minimal permeability can create healthier spaces by preventing bacterial and pathogen spread and growth.

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