M-Force: The Worry-Free Solution

M-Force is a combination of the finish layer, wear layer, and design layer. We develop each layer individually for optimal performance and then we build the layers in a proprietary process that makes their performance exponentially greater together. As a result, your floor looks better longer with superior protection against scratches, stains, and wear, all while providing a crisp, clear visual and easy maintenance.

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M-Force Ultra

You need a floor that beautifully supports all the life in your facility. And life doesn’t stop where the industry testing standards stop. Foot traffic keeps walking, spills keep splashing, and heavy loads keep rolling. That’s why we continually test M-Force floors to perform beyond the industry standards. We work to exceed the standards, because M-Force works to ensure your floor looks better longer for everything that happens in your space. M-Force means you get performance for life.

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Featured M-Force Ultra Styles

M-Force for Sheet

M-Force for sheet offers a no-polish, lowmaintenance solution that offers categoryleading scratch, stain, scuff, and slip resistance. Medella Fleck, Medella Hues, and PVC-free Medella Well with M-Force Ultra provides enhanced traction for an added measure of safety where it matters most.

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Featured M-Force for Sheet Style