Area Rugs
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Area Rugs

Mohawk Group believes in empowering architects and designers with the tools to achieve their vision. With the Area Rug Program, we expand the palette by merging the design of broadloom with the scale and versatility of area rugs. Simply put, Mohawk Group’s broadloom offerings may now be transformed into beautiful area rugs in two easy steps.

Simple Mohawk Group Area Rug Program Ordering

Our sales reps are ready to assist you in placing an order! Please complete the following steps to place an order with a rep in our area rug program.

Step 1: Determine your preferred area rug specifications from the options shown below:

Step 2: Submit your area rug specifications along with ship-to details to a sales representative in one of three ways:

Once your order has been received, Mohawk Group Customer Service will contact you with your order confirmation, including the final cost.


Area Rug Serging Colorways

If serging, choose the colorway from the options shown below:

6021 Black Bean

6120 Woodbine

6156 Glacier

660007 Savannah

830020 Eggshell

840029 Jute

960007 Dusty Suede

960009 Fleece

960010 Mushroom

970007 Inkwell

970008 Iron Ore

020028 Electric Orange

060085 Wheatgrass Zucchini

050104 Watery Celestial

490001 Orchid

050112 Heliotrope Moroccan Tile

270003 Sundried Tomato

050113 National Blue Opal

5213 Ground Tumeric

6121 Rainforest

5012 Heliotrope

0600 Grassland

0505 Deep Ocean

0501 Plumage

0500 Iceberg

0401 Clematis

0402 Azalea

0400 Lavender Mist

0300 Red Desert

0200 Gerbera

0100 Dandelion


Area Rug Binding Types

If binding, choose the binding type from the options shown below:

607 Black

605 English Saddle

602 Smoke

608 Churned Cream

604 Husk

705 Onyx

702 Alabaster

105 Sandstone

754 Khaki

748 Lava

731 Quarry

0505 ST Tape #339 Berry

0600 ST Tape #559 Terra Verte

0501 ST Tape #985 Gulf Coast

0402 ST Tape #904 Raspberry

0401 ST Tape #680 Schooner

0300 ST Tape #307 Country Red

0400 ST Tape #655 Iris Beauty

0200 ST Tape #430 Bright Orange

0100 ST Tape #520 Middlestone


Definity On Demand

Our Expanding Influence Collection offers many of our award-winning patterns, available in both broadloom and area rug formats, in a few easy steps.

Goonj Revival - 969

Lakir Revival - 745

Structure Revival - 978

Transilient Shadow - 955 Cement

Connecting Nuerons - 956 Calaratta

Tremor - 947 Stone