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Providing intricate and ornate designs to subtle and soothing patterns, Durkan’s corridors lead their guest along beautiful floors. View deep coloring with our Pattern Perfect technology, Definity, CYP or PDI solutions.

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Definity, PDI, CYP

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Definity, Synthesis/PDI, CYP

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Definity, PDI, CYP, Broadloom

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Crafted Convergence
Definity, Broadloom, Carpet Tile

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Definity is the only carpet that provides advanced generation precision sculpturing technology capable of producing the most authentic hand tufted look with the highest definition of texture, pattern, and color ever achieved in hospitality carpet. Cut and loop combinations create infinite visual and tactile experiences.


Synthesis is a patented carpet technology from Durkan that lets designers combine texture and pattern to create a unique layering effect that brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet designs. Choose a custom base and combine with a precision dye injection (PDI) design from Durkan’s vast library of thousands of patterns. Contact your Durkan rep to learn more.

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Computer Yarn Placement (CYP)

In rich and vibrant palettes, Durkan’s CYP carpets provide textures and patterning in any scale with cut and loop construction.

Precision Dye Injection Tile (PDI)

Durkan’s Digital PDI technology is the next generation of high-definition design. Now available in carpet tile, PDI tile provides limitless options and unprecedented image quality.

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