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Elemental Edges

Positively Change Space Dynamics

At Mohawk Group, we believe in providing project solutions that are easy to select and readily available. Elemental Edges is a complete portfolio of free-to-ship accessories for all your flooring installation and finishing needs. The program coordinates perfectly with our full suite of soft and hard surface products and is proudly Made in the USA.


Wall Base

Seamlessly coordinate your wall base and Mohawk Group floor covering from our variety of wall base offerings. Available in premium Rubber or Vinyl material, and Straight or Coved profiles.

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Architectural Wall Base

Elemental Edges Architectural Wall Base is an easy-to-order, sustainable solution to traditional millwork. Explore the 8 design profiles allowing for customization and added detailing.

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Elemental Edges offers a wide array of color options from neutral to vibrant visuals to express your design vision. Whether you are accentuating the flooring or coordinating your project finishes, the possibilities are exciting with this wide color palette.

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Stair Solutions

Choose 12.5" Regular Tread or 20" Integrated Tread/Riser. Available in 48" and 72" lengths. Round and Hammered Finishes available with Standard Square Nose. All profiles available with or without visually impaired strips.

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Universal Transitions

Add a functional finishing touch to your coordinated color scheme with Mohawk Group Installation Accessories.

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