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Believe in Home-like Communities

Believe in Home-like Communities

Mohawk Group believes senior residences should reflect warmth, comfort and unparalleled hospitality to complement evolving lifestyles.

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Urban Shores

Urban Shores

River influence on cities inspired Mohawk Group’s Best of NeoCon Gold-winning product collection, Urban Shores. Some of the oldest cities were built near these waterways for transportation, energy and trade.

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Ambience is an artistic play on light and contrast with harmonious textures that dance in rhythmic patterns of shades and hues.

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Healthy Environments

Healthy Environments

The Healthy Environments collection is inspired by the alluring, soothing colors and textures of species native to the desert Southwest.

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Second Home

Second Home

Give your retail space the comfort and feel of home with 13 classic wood visuals in contemporary colors that range from rich earth tones to chic greys.



With Hospitality-Inspired Luxury Yarn Spinner


Beautifully Over Time Second Home


Design and the Bottom Line Expanding Influence

Believe in Better Senior Communities

Mohawk Group believes healthy environments nurture the positive connections that enable patients and care providers to thrive. At Mohawk Group, we believe in providing flooring solutions that meet the sophisticated beauty and performance requirements of senior housing environments. Through evidence-based design, our innovative flooring solutions help to foster high-performance spaces that empower the human mind, body and spirit, while offering a home-like aesthetic.

Attracting with Hospitality-Inspired Luxury

Designing With Definity

Definity is the only carpet that provides advanced generation precision sculpturing technology capable of producing the most authentic hand tufted look with the highest definition of texture, pattern, and color ever achieved in hospitality carpet. Cut and loop combinations create infinite visual and tactile experiences.

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Creating Personalized Designs

Mohawk Group has the design capabilities to create customized flooring solutions for your senior community that expressed your unique branding, enhances the design aesthetic, and complements designated areas and wayfinding.

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Creating Quiet, Home-Like Spaces

Whether residents want to join the onsite meditation class, or have a little quiet time, sound absorption is important in multi-unit environments. Carpet and LVT options can provide quieter and more comfortable places for staff and residents to engage.

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Performing to Meet High Demands

Flooring Solutions with Sustainable Performance

Mohawk Group’s stain-free Duracolor® Tricor carpet fiber has set the sustainable performance standard for commercial and multi-unit housing environments. Duracolor® Tricor delivers unsurpassed stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity and enhanced soil performance.

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Wellmore of Tega Cay

Mohawk Group’s breadth of products were an easy choice for WellMore of Tega Cay, a senior living community that needed products to perform like commercial flooring but had a homey feel of luxury residential installations.

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What’s in the Air

Beautiful design is applicable to all senses. That’s why indoor air quality (IAQ) is important to bring out the beauty in senior housing. IAQ affects occupants and their ability to perform; and creates positive or negative impressions on potential staff and visitors. Choosing the right flooring for your space can make a difference from the ground up.

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Maximizing Design and the Bottom Line

Why LVT Works in Senior Housing

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is increasingly becoming a hard surface flooring choice, paired with carpet, in senior living environments. Offering design flexibility, superior performance in high-traffic areas and easy cleanability, you can’t lose with this flooring option.

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An Interchangeable Design Landscape

Set your imagination free with our new PDI tile program. Designs that can transform any space into an interchangeable design landscape. PDI tile allows you to create enduring pattern combinations and easy-to-install formats while increasing longevity with selective replacement of individual damaged tiles instead of the entire floor.

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Maximize Every Area, Rug

Design shouldn’t have limits. With our Area Rug Program, we expand our palette by merging the design of broadloom with the scale and versatility of area rugs. Simply put, Mohawk Group’s broadloom offerings may now be transformed into beautiful area rugs in two easy steps

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