Meet Laria Saunders

To explore the inspiration behind Wild Dyer, we commissioned a work from Laria Saunders. Laria creates digital photo assemblage paintings, each one a combination of digital paint work and 50-100 photographs of textures encountered in her daily life. She explains, “To me, the most fascinating aspect of the mushroom is the mycelium ... a vast network between all plant life, enabling a form of communication and a sharing of resources. Perhaps, this network is what makes the healing aspects of mushrooms so powerful.”

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Color Pulse

Color Pulse is a fiber breakthrough. With this technology, carpet can deliver the multi-color dimension of space dyed yarn, but with the lower environmental impact and high performance of solution dyed nylon. Color Pulse uses a zero-water dyeing process, helping reduce your project’s water impact by up to one cup of water per carpet tile, compared to a space dyed product

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